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Dear Radicles,
Well, your trusty herbalist is full of surprises. My husband and I just got word that his four year medical residency will carried out in Portland, OR. This means that Radicle will be changing locations as of June 1, 2013.  I am shocked, and a little heartbroken to be leaving, but I’m recovering.

You must have questions- here is a handy Q&A to set your mind at ease.

Q. What? You are MOVING!!?
A. I know. I just found out also. I thought we were staying.

Q. How will I get my Adrenal Tonic or my favorite tea!? I’m freaking out!
A. You will still be able to purchase your teas and tonics (even custom blends)- I will just pop them in the mail to you. Email me or call to place an order.

Q. I want to learn about herbs. Can I still take herbal classes?
A. I will still be teaching in Spokane occasionally, stay tuned on FB and the Radicle Review for details.

Q. I am interested in coming in for a consultation about my health, and this move of yours ruins my plans.
A. I will still be offering phone consultations and custom herbal formulas. Or you can make an appointment to come and see me in Spokane before May 8th.

Q.What will become of The Radicle Review, my favorite plog? (plant log)
A. The Radicle Review will remain an excellent source of cutting edge herbal information and innocent internet diversion. And thank you, faithful reader.

Here are my whereabouts for the next month- I encourage you sign up early for the Plant Walks, as I expect they will fill quickly. And please come visit me at the South Perry Market and stock up on herbs so I don’t have to move so many heavy bottles and bulky teas!
Spring 2013 Class Schedule
To accommodate our late spring, I’ve configured the two classes I will be teaching this spring on one weekend, though you don’t need to take both unless you want to. (It’s just because we are likely to see better looking plants later in May.)

Saturday May 18th, Plant Walk at the Finch Arboretum 12-2pm
Sunday May 19th, Plant Walk at Manito Park 12-2pm

The cost is $15 per class. Please email me at radicletea@gmail.com to RSVP.
Spokane Farmers Markets
The South Perry Market
May 2nd, 9th (indoors at the South Perry Yoga studio- 915 S Perry) from 3-6pm
May 16th, 23rd (outdoors at The Shop- 924 S Perry) from 3-7pm

On a personal note, though I am sad to leave this community, I am excited to see herbalism blossom in Spokane. I’ve dispensed a lot of herbs, brewed gallon after gallon of herbal iced tea, and taught a lot of eager plant lovers that can carry the torch. It has been truly wonderful.  Now in addition to missing all of the flora and fauna of my native place, I will miss all of you.

Here are some parting words from the brilliant poet, Gary Snyder:

For the Children

The rising hills, the slopes,
of statistics
lie before us. Learn the flowers
the steep climb
of everything, going up,
up, as we all
go down.

In the next century
or the one beyond that,
they say,
are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace
if we make it.

To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers
go light

Thanks for everything.  Yours truly, Sarah P.


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Aromatherapy Immersion Weekend

Saturday, August 11th   Flora Herbal Clinic  10am-2pm

Sunday, August 12th    Camden Creek Lavender Farm   9am-2pm (including travel time)

$75 for both days

By popular request, I will be teaching a two-day introductory workshop on aromatherapy this summer. Day one will be a hands-on (and nose-on) class exploring the therapeutic uses of essential oils, as well as methods of production, quality issues, and their use in perfumery. Students will make their own aromatherapy spray or roll-on perfume to take home. Day two will be a field trip to Camden Creek Lavender Farm in Elk, WA to gather lavender from the fields and experience pure purple bliss! We will see how essential oils and hydrosols are distilled from field to finished product, as we sip lavender lemonade and tour their on-site distillery. If you love lavender or are interested in aromatherapy, this is not to be missed.  Class size is limited so don’t hesitate! Please RSVP by emailing radicletea@gmail.com.

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Here are some photos of Spokane’s hottest new herb clinic:

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My apologies for giving all of you the silent treatment for a brief spell there, but I have some exciting news to announce and you will soon forgive me.  This new year I have been hard at work preparing to open Spokane’s first herbal clinic devoted to western herbs!  Flora Herbal Clinic is opening next week and I will be offering herbal consultations and classes as well as top notch herbal tinctures and teas out of this unique healing space.  My new location is in the historic Binkley Building on the corner of 7th and Maple.

Imagine a place where there is always tea brewing, the smell of fragrant herbs in the air, books about healing plants and medicine, and someone to listen to your health problems and help you figure out what you can do about them. A place to take classes, fill your herbal formulas and be part of an herbal community. This place exists now! I am looking forward to sharing this herbal hot spot with all of you, whether it’s for classes, workshops, or herbal consultations for those of you wishing to get serious about healing with plants.

I am offering a special discounted price for my Spokane readership- For the month of February, you can come in for an initial consultation (60-90 minutes) for only $40! (This is a major steal, by the way).  A consultation gives me the time and information to get at the root, so to speak, of your health challenges. Sometimes it takes personalized attention to find the right combination of herbs, nutrition and supplments to deal with long standing issues or complicated conditions. All of my clients receive individualized treatment plans and custom herbal formulas from the on-site dispensary.

My emphasis is on giving you the information and resources to use plants wisely (and the freshest, most vibrant herbal products around, of course). Having a dedicated space here in Spokane allows me to do that better- and help us all make connections with other interesting plant people in our community.

To schedule your consultation, please call 509-570-2777

Here’s the link to the new website- www.floraherbalclinic.com

More information to come-  Look for the new Winter/Spring class schedule and the dates of our upcoming OPEN HOUSE!

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Hi Friends,

THIS JUST IN:   Radicle the business will be transplanted this Summer from Seattle to Spokane, WA. The Radicle Review will remain at this original location in cyberspace.

How will this affect you? Well, if you just read the plog, it will likely affect you very little aside from probably having more to read every month. If you purchase Radicle’s Excellent Extracts or herbal products you are also in luck. I will be shipping orders direct from Spokane, and I will now have a public location in which to sell my products- The South Perry Farmers Market! From July 7th on, I will have a booth every Thursday at the market. So come on down and chat, sip some tea and pick up your herbal tonics, balms, salves, oils and medicinal honey’s all hand crafted by yours truly.  Here is a link to the market’s facebook page.


Plant Kingdom

Sadly, this means that I won’t be offering classes in the Seattle area this season, though I may pop back over next year for a weekend workshop or two. If you would like to get on my mailing list for updates, please contact me at radicletea@gmail.com. Spokanites- I will be an herbalist in residence in your city as of July 1. For classes, consultations and the like, see the contact above.

Thanks Seattle, and lets keep in touch.

Love, Your trans-Washington herbalist, Sarah P.

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Hi peeps,

As you may have guessed by the infrequency of my posts, it has been a busy summer. In this post, I would like to officially announce my plans to put the RR to bed for the fall. “But why?”, you might ask, pleadingly. First of all, thank you for your concern. I will be taking this brief sabbatical because I am going back to school this fall to further my academic pursuits, and I just don’t think I will have the time to keep you all up on the cutting edge of herbalism.  This means that my herb classes will be forestalled until winter or spring, I won’t be writing much and you probably will start to miss me. The good news is that I promise I will be back early spring (or sooner) to dazzle you with my new found grasp of anatomy, physiology and chemistry (in a non-boring way). I will still be offering herbal consultations, and as always, Radicle’s Excellent Extracts. (Please inquire if interested in purchasing these.)  By way of parting temporarily, let me leave you with photos of one of my wildcrafting/medicine making trips in Eastern Washington this summer.

This is a visual chronicle of the making of my newest magical formula, Moon Drops. It’s a blend of the tinctures of  Wild Rose, Mugwort and Yarrow, all gathered in the wild from our land in Eastern Washington. These three sisters were made to be together- they balance, energize and empower one another. I have been using this blend as a tonic to the female reproductive organs, to assist in healing from physical or emotional trauma, and restore and cultivate true feminine power. Wild Rose, Mugwort and Yarrow are archetypal plants with a long history of assisting humans. Respectively, they have been used for cultivating compassion and softening grief, enhancing dreaming and intuition, and offering strength and protection to those who work with them. Lately, it’s been helping women recover from the emotional and physical ravages of miscarriages, PMS, abortions, infertility and patriarchy in general. And it tastes as lovely as it looks, I swear.

Take care of yourself and others this fall, and write me if you need to @ radicletea@gmail.com.

Your friend and herbalist, Sarah P.

Your humble author, making Moon Drops for those in need.

The raw materials for my famous Wild Rose Brandy. Assists in the difficult work of continually opening to Life.

Artemesia vulgaris or California Mugwort, the green muse of lucid dreaming.

Yarrow, famed for staunching the wound of Achilles, also provides excellent protective and styptic effects for everyone else.

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With Sarah P, Your trusty plant guide

Are you taking hawthorne tincture, nettle capsules, or dandelion tea? Have you ever wanted to meet these plants face to flower? It’s exhilarating to meet herbs growing wild and free where you can see who they are! (They’re Alive!). I lead Plant Walks in Seattle parks to unite you with the living beings that you might be popping every morning in capsule form. My last Plant Walk in Discovery Park was a success! and it strengthened my resolve to spread the gospel of plant recognition.

There are a number of reasons why learning about your local plants is a good idea. From a philosophical standpoint, I consider botanical literacy to be a basic life skill. Having a basic knowledge of the plants that you can eat and use as medicine and how to pick, prepare, and administer them is just being a good cub scout.

From an herbalist’s perspective, it really changes the way you think about herbal medicine when you know the plants you are using. Just to be able to conjure up an image of the plant- perhaps as it’s growing in its favorite habitat, in its particular fashion, or how its flower smells-  these details are part of the healing.  Plants are complicated polypharmacy, yes. They are a dizzying cocktail of potent chemicals. Most of our original medicines came from these compounds due to their profound effect upon our physiology. But the real power of herbal medicine lies in the fact that plants are alive! You can have a relationship with them. And I believe you already do. They have been responding to our needs and desires for millions of years, adapting to and with us. Plants and humans are friends! Just being in their company relaxes our nervous system and lowers our blood pressure.  Being on familiar terms with the plants you take as medicine taps into these other mechanisms of healing that operate beyond the physical level.

It doesn’t take much to rekindle our millions-of-years-old direct relationship with plants- just noticing the plants around you is a great start. Spend some time with them. Being able to see a plant growing right in front of you, sucking up nutrients with its mysterious pumping mechanism, sending down sugars that it manufactured from solar energy, waving in the breeze (and all while smelling great!).  This is all that it usually takes to change your mindset from regarding herbs as weak drugs to living, breathing partners in our lives on this earth. It’s easy to overlook their importance, but not only do plants provide us with food and medicine, every second of the day they are quietly completing the other half of our respiration.
Dare I say, our better half?

Now, to insert myself into this process, having a plant guide is crucial to learning your plants. It really helps to have someone who loves them point out their riveting beauty, distinctive botanical characteristics, and medicinal properties.  On my plant walks we also discuss how to pick them, what part is used medicinally and proper dosing patterns, should you decide to gather and prepare you own herbal medicines. Or the cautious among you may just want to see me eat a bit of the plant before you go out there and try it on your own (perfectly reasonable).

If you are interested in attending a plant walk in Seattle in the future, send me an email at radicletea@gmail.com. Classes are on-going throughout the spring and summer. I hope to see you out there!

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